4 Back to School Ideas for Traffic Cones

It’s Back to School Season! While students are preparing to return to the classroom, teachers are making lesson plans and arranging their rooms. We’re here to help teachers with simple ideas to incorporate traffic cones into classroom decorations and fun activities throughout the school year.

Gym Obstacle Course Traffic Cones

Source: https://www.thoughtco.com/team-building-activities-for-middle-school-4178826

1. Gym class obstacle course

Place several cones in a row in the room and divide your students into multiple teams. Once you blindfold one student on each team, have the blindfolded students race around each cone in his or her row, guided only by the verbal cues from the other students on their teams. Cues could include phrases like "turn slightly right" or "go left." The team whose blindfolded player goes through each cone in their row first wins.

Traffic Cone Ring Toss

Source: https://www.melissaanddoug.com/blogpost/?postId=7-sidewalk-games-for-kids

2. Ring toss

Whether in the classroom or at recess, ring toss is a great challenge for all ages. You can use larger cones for younger kids (like our 18” or 28” cones) or small cones for older kids (like our 6” or 12” cones).

Volcano Traffic Cone

3. Science volcano experiment

You know everyone’s favorite volcanic science project? Next time, try it with a traffic cone! Paint the cone ahead of time to make it look like lava is flowing out from the top.


School Traffic Cone Signs

Source: https://www.crockettsclassroom.com/2014/06/thrifty-thursdays-are-here-if-youre.html

4. Station Signs

Make small slits at the top of the cone to securely hold an index card. Write work station titles, tables names, anything you want on the cards to display. Bonus points if you decorate the cone!

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