Common Safety Equipment Used in Roadside Construction

Common Safety Equipment Used in Roadside Construction

Working in construction is dangerous. Workers must be careful as cars whiz by them. Moreover, these people often have to fit into confined spaces. For these reasons, it’s crucial for construction companies to prioritize safety. Businesses can do this by giving individuals the right gear and providing them with the correct tools. Therefore, it’s important for corporations to know about the common safety equipment used in roadside construction to ensure they don’t miss anything. This guide will overview every detail so that workers are always safe while on the job.


Plastic Cones

Plastic cones are a staple in the traffic safety supply industry. These items are typically orange and direct drivers away from a certain area. For example, workers can place cones around a work zone they don’t want cars to come near. The cones should change traffic patterns and prevent vehicles from coming too close to the workers.

Again, you’ll typically see orange cones on the road. However, The Cone Zone has plastic cones in all different colors if a team needs to further divide a space. Our cones are reflective and a part of our hi-vis gear that makes people more visible on the road. Finally, our plastic cones are durable and crashproof. Therefore, they won’t become damaged even if someone hits them on accident.


Cone Holders and Stabilizers

Traffic cones are effective only if they stay in place. It’d be incredibly dangerous if the cones were flying all over the road, getting in a driver’s way. As a result, traffic cones require cone holders and stabilizers to ensure they stay put. These items serve as a durable base so that the cones don’t move to spots they aren’t supposed to be. By keeping the cones in place, drivers and workers will remain safe while on the road.


Stop/Slow Paddle

Perhaps the most common safety equipment used in roadside construction is a stop/slow paddle. Although you can use cones to warn drivers that traffic patterns are about to change, it’s also wise to have someone hold a stop/slow paddle near a construction site. You can never do too much when it comes to warning people they’ll need to slow down soon. Construction workers should switch off holding the item because it can get tiring after a while.



Much like traffic cones, you can use barricades to show drivers where they can’t go. The Cone Zone sells barricades meant for outdoor use. The unique shape of these items makes them incredibly sturdy. Plus, they’re simple to put out and store away. Barriers are also larger than traffic cones, so they’re often easier for drivers to spot.


Message and Arrow Boards

Message and arrow boards are vital pieces of roadside construction safety equipment. Although it’s a more substantial investment than traditional signs, message boards can provide drivers with more information about why traffic is changing. These objects can tell people when a detour is coming up and even suggest another route they can take. Though it’s not specifically related to construction zone safety, message boards can also inform drivers about breaking news stories. For example, many cities and municipalities use message boards for Amber Alerts to let drivers know what car the suspect might be in.

Arrow boards are also an effective tool when it comes to promoting roadside construction safety. While cones are effective in letting people know where they can’t drive, arrow boards indicate that a sudden merge is about to take place. Arrow signs show that a lane is coming to an end and that people will have to let other cars in before this happens. Hopefully, these tools make it so that individuals don’t wait until the last minute to move over.


Reflective Gear

Attire is also essential to roadside safety for construction workers. These people can’t wear everyday clothes because they must be visible to drivers on the road—especially at night. So construction companies must supply employees with reflective gear that’ll help them stand out on the roadside. The Cone Zone has breathable, reflective vests made of polyester mesh. The vests improve visibility and are comfortable to wear. What’s more, we offer reflective suspenders that workers can adjust and put on their clothing to make themselves more noticeable.


Construction Equipment GPS

A lesser-known piece of safety equipment is the construction equipment GPS. Construction workers shouldn’t aimlessly walk around a job site looking for something they’ve lost—it’s dangerous and not a smart use of time. So many companies invest in construction equipment GPS that helps people find a tool they’ve misplaced. Although it’s an initial investment, purchasing one of these devices is wise because it saves businesses money they would have spent on replacing tools. Also, the supplies help get people back to work and prevent them from having to walk around a busy and dangerous area.


Construction Speed Awareness Monitor

Construction speed awareness monitors are a must-have in a work zone. These devices let drivers know what the recommended speed limit is for the particular area they’re driving through. Next to the traditional speed limit sign is a message board that lets individuals know how fast they’re going. The tool can alert someone when they’re going too fast and blinks to indicate this is happening. The machine has a long lifespan and can operate uninterrupted for 18 days.

Businesses must do everything they can to protect construction workers. Essentially, these people put their lives on the line every day to ensure our roads are in good condition; the least their employers can do is ensure they remain safe while doing so. The Cone Zone has been a leading manufacturer of traffic safety supplies for over 50 years.

Corporations can put their faith in us to keep people safe. We have assistive roadside equipment and attire that people can wear to help them stand out. We’re also especially proud of the cutting-edge technology we provide, like construction equipment GPS. These tools can help stop accidents from happening and maintain productivity on a site. Business leaders should check out our selection today; they won’t be disappointed.

Common Safety Equipment Used in Roadside Construction
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