Fun Indoor Kid Games with Safety Cones

Rainy days mean everyone is stuck indoors. The next time rain keeps the kids away from burning off energy in the great outdoors, we’ve compiled 5 games to play inside with traffic cones whether at home or during recess! 

Note: these games are best played with 6” or 12” All Orange Cones™.


  1. Spark: Played with an even number of people, kids face each other with a cone between two of them. When you call, “Spark!” the two players will try to be the first to grab the cone before the other. Play best out of 3 or switch partners to keep the game going. Source: https://www.asphaltgreen.org/blog/5-best-indoor-games-to-play-in-small-spaces
  1. Flip It Fitness: Line up 2 kids next to 2 cones. On your mark, both kids will try to flip his/her cone until it lands upright. The winner is encouraged to show good sportsmanship to his/her opponent. Check out Justin Cahill’s example. Source: https://www.gophersport.com/blog/pe-fitness-ideas-with-hoops-and-cones/
  1. Flip It Relay: This works best with multiple kids. Divide them into two groups. Line up several cones and on your mark, one kid from each group will take turns flipping each cone to upright once again, moving on to the next cone once successful. Each kid takes a turn and the first group to successfully flip each cone upright wins! Check out Ken Smith’s variation of the Cone Flipping Game (Kevin Tiller). Source: https://www.gophersport.com/blog/pe-fitness-ideas-with-hoops-and-cones/
  1. Ring Toss: Place cones in a group and make a line with tape a couple inches away. Use a ring (or even a plastic bracelet!) to toss at the cones. Let the kids take turns trying to get the ring around the cone. Mix up the rules to keep the game exciting.
  1. Wacky Weave: Create an obstacle course with cones to challenge kids to weave their way through. Make it more or less difficult by how close or far apart you place the cones. The fastest time to make it through the obstacle course wins! Source: https://marathonkids.org/agility-games-for-kids/

There is no limit when it comes to indoor games with safety cones. And sometimes the best games are made with kids’ unique imaginations! Decorate or paint them. Stack or wear them. Have fun and happy play time!


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