Top 10 Spring Uses for Traffic Cones

It’s that time of year when flowers are blooming everywhere, rain showers are awakening the yard, and everyone is saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring projects! As our Spring Up and Save event continues this month, just how useful are traffic cones around the house this time of year? Let’s discuss our Top 10 spring uses for safety products.

1. Mulch barrier – If you have a truckload of mulch being delivered or are keeping the bags stacked in your driveway, put up a cone barrier to keep you from accidentally running it over while backing up.

Tree Trimming Company Cones

2. Tree trimming alert – Cones are great to alert motorists of a tree trimming truck parked in your street or driveway as well as marking debris before clean-up.

Asphalt Concrete Construction Work with Traffic Cones
3. Asphalt notification – Laying down fresh asphalt or concrete this spring? Traffic cones are essential to alert motorists and pedestrians to keep out, plus they help keep the asphalt and concrete crews safe from distracted motorists.

4. Driveway marker – Whether you are power washing your driveway or cleaning up nearby in the yard and want to keep the kids out of the street, cones give them a line that is not to be crossed.

5. New concrete perimeter – The last thing you want after pouring new concrete is a footprint right in the middle! Place cones around the perimeter to keep everyone out before it’s fully dry.

Vehicle Block with Cones

6. Vehicle blocker – No matter who you hire this spring or if you’re the company hired to tackle the project, make sure all vehicles parked in the road or are sticking out of the driveway are alerting traffic with cones around the perimeter to prevent collisions.

7. Landscaping barrier – Whether you’re laying down new mulch, planting new flowers or digging up dead shrub, use cones to mark the area you’re working around and alert those around you of new holes and debris.

8. Equipment barricade – You've finally decided to rent a trencher to install that French drain or a stump grinder to eliminate your yard with old stumps. Make sure the equipment is marked by cones to keep others away from dangerous machinery and notified of a new obstacle not normally in your area.

9. Porch divider – Keep the pups and kids safely out of the yard by using cones to divide your porch from the yard or driveway.

10. Cone games – Ok, let’s be honest. All those spring projects are exhausting. Take a break and have a little fun. Put cones in the yard for dog agility games, cone ring toss contest, or soccer practice!

What are your favorite spring uses for traffic cones? Let us know by emailing us at info@theconezone.com or DM us on your favorite social media channel. 

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