What’s So Great About a Channelizer?

Channelizers do not receive as much love as traffic drums or cones. Why? Maybe they are lesser known. Maybe their purpose isn’t understood. Or maybe they don’t have the fan base that cones and drums have. Whatever the reason, we’re here to break down what’s so great about Channelizers, and why you should consider using them for your next project.

Channelizer Road Warning Alert

What is a Channelizer? Like traffic cones and drums, their purpose is to guide pedestrians and vehicular traffic away from a specific area. One could be placed at the end of a driveway to alert cars not to drive on newly poured concrete, several could be placed in a line to keep vehicles within a makeshift lane in a parking lot, or several could form a perimeter around an area to keep people away from danger. While their purpose is similar, their appearance is very different. 

Channelizer Sidewalk Ramp Warning Alert

How are Channelizers different than cones or drums? A great way to describe a Channelizer is if a traffic drum and cone had a tall, thin child. Channelizers have an easy grip handle (like a drum) and a narrow footprint (like a cone) but are taller than both. Let’s look at the spec comparison:




36” Cone

Height with handle




Top Width




Bottom Width




Channelizer, Drum, and Traffic Cone comparison

As you can see, Channelizers are great space savers! With the widest portion only 6”, they are ideal when space is an issue, especially compared to the width of a drum. With the handle topping at 49”, they will be seen from a farther distance than a traffic cone or drum.

One additional benefit to a Channelizer is having multiple base options! Extra weight provides more stability for the harshest conditions. With options between 16LB, 20LB, or 30LB rubber bases, there is an option for every project.

Channelizer Base Options

We hope this helps break down the differences – and benefits – of a Channelizer! If you have any additional questions about Channelizers or any of our other products, feel free to reach out at info@theconezone.com or 833-614-CONE (2663).

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