How To Improve Traffic Safety at Your School Pick-Up Line

How To Improve Traffic Safety at Your School Pick-Up Line

School pick-up lines are the worst. When things are unorganized, it’s impossible to be efficient and smoothly get out of there. What’s more, these zones aren’t particularly known for their safety. Children are rushed out of their parents’ cars and forced to cross the street. Luckily, school administrators can learn how to improve traffic safety at your school pick-up line. All it takes is vision and great organization skills!


Straighten Out the Logistics

The first thing you need to do to improve traffic safety is to sort out the logistics. What direction is the flow of traffic going? Is it a one-way street? How long can each car stay in the drop-off zone? The more coordinated things are, the less likely there will be an accident. This is the perfect opportunity to consider the design of the pick-up line, too. Curved roads are best because parents can drop off their children and drive away without turning around. It’d also be helpful if the drop off-zone were on the same side of the school, so kids don’t have to cross the street.


Establish the Rules and Provide Resources

Once you’re set on the design, it’s vital to establish drop-off rules to improve safety. People should know what they can and can’t do in these zones. Drivers who double park or get out of their cars to say goodbye to the kids need to know these things aren’t allowed. There should also be signs that indicate where people can stop and if they should keep moving. The signs should be visible from multiple locations so every driver can see them. Posting the rules and policies online is another way to keep parents informed and ensure they follow them.


Get Traffic Safety Supplies

You can’t have an effective school pick-up line without the right traffic safety supplies. The Cone Zone has what you need to make the area safer for everyone. You can use our classic orange traffic cones to designate drop-off areas. We also have different colored traffic cones if you want to designate a color to a specific area. We also have cone stabilizers, so they don’t move out and place, and reflective gear for crossing guards, so they’re more visible on the road.


Leave the Buses Elsewhere

Another tip on how to improve traffic safety at your school pick-up line is to leave the buses somewhere else. Adding more vehicles to an already congested space will make things even more challenging for drivers. Also, the risk of accidents increases because there will be so much going on. For this reason, schools should try their hardest to create separate spaces for buses to drop off students. Everyone will appreciate how much chaos it takes out of the situation.


Put the Cell Phone Down

We get it—mornings are typically the busiest part of your day. You’re trying to answer overnight emails, get the kids ready for school, and get yourself ready for work, which makes mornings truly chaotic. It makes sense that you’d be using your cell phone in the morning to figure out the day ahead. However, you must leave your cell phone in the glove box while driving through the school’s pick-up line. Cell phones are a leading cause of car accidents in the United States. People are so distracted by their technology that they ignore what’s happening around them. You must be aware of what you’re doing in a drop off-zone, or someone can get hurt. Schools should put up signs saying the area is a tech-free spot, and there will be consequences if this rule isn’t followed.


Hire Additional Staff

It’s not a teacher’s job to escort children to their parents at the end of the day. Of course, they want their students to get there safely, but waiting in the drop-off zone takes away from their time off. Hire additional traffic staff to amend this problem. One crossing guard often isn’t enough to direct the flow of traffic and keep everyone in the area safe. There should be multiple individuals there—one to direct traffic and another to help kids cross the stress. Although hiring more staff is an investment, it’ll prove to be worth it in the end. Remember, The Cone Zone has reflective materials crossing guards can wear, so they’re more visible on the street. Take a look at our collection of gear if you’re considering hiring more staff.


Enforce Speed Limits

This one is a no-brainer because it should apply to every scenario on the road. However, it’s especially important to enforce speed limits in a school pick-up line to ensure everyone’s safety. We’re all busy people. Everyone in that drop off-zone has somewhere to go. There’s no need to put parents or children at risk because you need to leave quickly. Crossing guards should warn drivers when they’re going too fast and let them know there will be consequences if things get too extreme.

Many parents dread going through the school pick-up line in the morning. As time-consuming as it is, it’s crucial to follow the school’s rules to keep everyone safe. Administrations can accomplish this goal by creating an organized system that’s easy to follow and enforcing the rules. Parents can do their part by driving safely and putting their cell phones down.

The Cone Zone is proud to be a part of this safety mission, too. Our top-quality traffic safety supplies can help crossing guards designate certain areas, so cars know where to go. Additionally, our reflective gear is perfect for staff members that need to stand out on the road in order to be safe. With our help, you can transform your school pick-up line, so it isn’t the first thing you dread after waking up in the morning. We can take what was once a chaotic experience and make it flow efficiently so you can avoid a headache. Soon, you’ll be wishing your kids a good day and trying to give them a goodbye kiss in front of their friends! Although they might be mad at you, at least you’ll know they’re safe.

How To Improve Traffic Safety at Your School Pick-Up Line
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