Colored Traffic & Sport Cones

To compliment our premium All Orange Cones™ and Black Base Cones™, we now offer a variety of Color Cones to meet all your safety needs. Our colored cones are perfect for sporting events where organizers need to differentiate parking spaces. The colored cones can direct people toward or away from a particular area. For example, you can use green traffic cones to let people know they’re going in the right direction. Conversely, you can use red-colored cones to ensure that folks don’t enter a space meant solely for staff. To add to this point, workers can designate meanings to various colored cones in a construction zone. Our colored traffic and sport cones are available in 5", 18", and 28" in a rainbow of colors, so shop now for your next colorful purchase.

5" Color Sport Cones


18" Black Base Traffic Cone Lime


18" Color Sport Cones


28" Black Base Traffic Cone Lime


28" Color Sport Cones

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