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500 18" All Orange Cone™ Pallet - Coloration Outlet - FINAL SALE!

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Full Pallet of 500 18" All Orange Cones 

Why are these safety cones considered outlet cones? We strive to sell only premium, perfect traffic cones. When a batch is made with slight flaws, such as minor indents, air bubbles, or extra bottom drips, we call these cones “Cone Seconds” or Outlet Cones. They are less than perfect safety cones that you come to expect from us. We have a great relationship with our manufacturer which allows us to sell these Outlet Cones to you!

This batch was made with a less than superior pigment. When sitting out in the sun, they start to fade to a pink color. These cones are great for projects around your home or fun craft projects that don’t require superior safety orange coloration or flawless cone bases.  

These Outlet Cones are of limited quantities! No returns or exchanges are accepted on any Outlet Cone order. Due to their already discount sale pricing, no additional discount or promo code will be accepted towards their purchase. This product will ship LTL on a pallet.

Have more questions about Outlet Cones? Give us a call today at 833-614-CONE.


Examples of Coloration Outlet Cones:

Pigment fades in sun to a pink color

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