6 Inch quarter pound trimline Orange traffic cone with no collar
6 Inch quarter pound trimline Orange traffic cone with no collar
6 Inch quarter pound trimline Orange traffic cone with no collar top view
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6" All Orange Cone™

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It's our mini traffic cone! A customer favorite, this versatile small 6" cone is great for house projects, camping, crafts, and kid and toddler toys.

We have been a leading manufacturer of high-quality traffic cones for over 50 years. Used every day and all over the world, these cones are designed and manufactured to last for years with high-visibility, durable, high-quality traffic cones. Made as one-piece, flow-molded polyvinyl chloride with anti-fade, fluorescent orange color, they meet NCHRP350, MUTCD, and FHWA requirements. Made in the USA.



A=Base Size:4.5"
B=Top Hole Diameter:NA
C=Top Cone Diameter:.875"
D=Base Cone Diameter:2.25"

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Top Thickness:.056"
Bottom Thickness:.090"
Cone Height:6"

Customer Reviews

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Florida Explorer 777
Are you still in Business?

Did you go out of business? Did you shut down? You haven’t had inventory on any cones for months. you don’t ever answer phone calls or return emails. So did you shut down?

Russell McCombs
Great Value! Awesome cones

I shopped around to many sites looking for a good 6" cone. Cone zone had a cone I thought would work. When they arrived, I found them exactly as I expected.

Perfect Motorcycle practice cones

I purchased the 6" cones to set up as Slow Speed Motorcycle parking lot drills. I like them because they are "rubbery" and can be ran over without the fear of a hard plastic cone shattering or plastic disc sliding out from under a front tire and causing a drop.... (motorcycle repairs are expensive). They fit perfectly into my saddle bags (or backpack) to bring to the lot, and offer a high visibility factor while practicing. I purchased 15 of them and can place them out in almost unlimited configurations for different maneuvers like, fig 8's, U-turns, serpentine drills etc. etc.
Great little product

What a great usage idea for the 6 inch cones! Enjoy!

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