Sierra Wireless® LX60 Modem
Sierra Wireless® LX60 Modem
Sierra Wireless®

Sierra Wireless® LX60 Modem

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Sierra Wireless® AirLink® LX60 is the industry’s first LTE router for commercial and enterprise applications. The LX60 offers “out-of-the box” connectivity that is simple to install, and easy to manage providing your equipment or business with a primary or backup LTE connection. The LX60 provides purpose-built, secure, reliable, managed LTE networking in IoT applications such as Building Automation, Digital Signage, Taxis, ATMs, Kiosks and Point-of-Sale terminals.

The LX60 is designed to meet the environmental and performance requirements of a diverse range of equipment in building, industrial and mobile locations, delivering superior reliability and uninterrupted operation in fixed, indoor and protected outdoor environments.

Connect your equipment with ease with a wide range of I/O options. With dual Gigabit Ethernet , RS-232, RS-485 and multiple digital and analog I/O interfaces, the LX60 has provides the versatility you need to connect a variety of current and legacy field equipment or machines.

LX60 with Wi-Fi + GNSS is rated for shock, vibration and vehicle power supplies. It offers Dual Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and dedicated 48 Channel GNSS, meeting the demands of Commercial fleets and Taxis requiring connectivity.

3 year warranty and tech support.

Download User Guide here.

Download Quick Start Guide here


LTE Cat-4 and Cat-M1/NB1 (LX60 variants)

2.4/5 GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi + GNSS models only)

48 channel dedicated GNSS (Wi-Fi + GNSS models only)

2 Gigabit Ethernet ports (LAN/WAN)

5 configurable GPIOs

RS232 and RS485

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