GPS Equipment Tracking Device

Construction zones are tough places to work. They’re noisy and dangerous, and communication between workers isn’t always straightforward. Luckily, The Cone Zone has a wide variety of technology products, from modems to cameras to GPS asset trackers, that can improve a site’s efficiency. Our GPS asset tracking devices increase efficiency by tracking equipment location, performance data, and fuel usage to build better budgets and plans. Additionally, our top-quality modems help people obtain the information they need to complete a project. Much like our construction equipment tracking devices, our modems are top of the line and won’t fail workers when they need them most. We’ve embraced technology here at The Cone Zone because our equipment makes life so much easier for workers. Shop now!

Sierra Wireless® RV50X Modem


Sierra Wireless® AirLink® Antenna: 3-in-1 SharkFin


Sierra Wireless® LX60 Modem


HS2X Wireless Asset Tracker


HS2X Wired Asset Tracker

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