Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pick up my order?

  • Not at this time because not all products ship from the same location.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

  • No! Order one Traffic Cone or 1,000. It’s entirely up to you.

Do you sell traffic cone accessories?

Are your products stackable?

  • Yes, all our products are designed to be stackable with their twins.

What are reflective collars?

  • Reflective collars, or sheeting, are the white reflective strips of tape on Traffic Cones for better visibility. To learn more about our reflective sheeting options, click here.

How do I know what size Traffic Cone to buy?

If I do not buy a base for the Drums or Channelizers, will they stand up on their own?

  • Yes, but for stability purposes, we strongly recommend pairing them with a base.

Which base weight would you suggest for your B400 Drums?

  • While our heaviest 40LB base is the sturdiest, the 25LB base is adequate for winds up to 30mph winds. If you have wind over 30mph, we recommend the 30LB base. For extremely high winds, we suggest the 40LB base.

Which base weight would you recommend for your Channelizers?

  • Our Channelizers have three bases to choose from: 16LB, 20LB, and 30LB. The 16LB base can handle winds up to 20mph, and the 20LB base will stand winds up to 30mph. For wind greater than 30mph, we suggest our 30LB base.

Are your products made in the USA?

  • Yes, our All Orange Cones, Drums, and Channelizers are manufactured in St. Charles, Illinois and Lake City, Florida.

Can I pay for my order with a Purchase Order?

  • Sorry, not at this time.

How do I apply for Tax Exemption?

  • Email info@theconezone.com with your name, business address, and tax exempt form. We will create an account for you. 

How much is shipping?

  • Shipping changes based on destination zip code and quantity/weight ordered. Upon entering your order, add your zip code to learn your unique shipping rate options.

Do I need to be present for a home delivery?

  • No, a signature is not required for delivery.

How are Drums and Channelizers shipped?

  • Both Drums and Channelizers are shipped through Fedex LTL. If you are shipping to a residential address, the order will be booked with a lift gate. If you are shipping to a business address, you will have the option to book with or without a lift gate.

What do I do if my order is damaged upon delivery?

  • If your shipment arrives damaged, please call us at 833-614-CONE (833-614-2663) within 48 hours.

I ordered the wrong size product. Can I exchange it for a different size?

  • To make an exchange, return the product you purchased, and we will issue a refund. We will gladly help you order a new size.

Where are you located?

  • Our products are manufactured and shipped from St. Charles, Illinois and Lake City, Florida. Our headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio.
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