B400 Drum
B400 Drum
B400 Drum
B400 Traffic Drum with Diamond grade sheeting
3 traffic drums with engineering grade sheeting, high intensity prismatic sheeting and Diamond grade sheeting.
7 traffic drums with different sheeting types and sizes.
B400 Drum
Work Area Protection

B400 Drum

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Our Drums and Bases are engineered to withstand the harshest traffic, construction, and weather conditions. Because of their durability, they’re very cost effective and easy to set up and take down. The innovative snap-on bases lock secure and tight to the drum, and the bottom design hugs tightly to road surfaces. Made in the USA.


Height with handle: 40"
Height without handle:  36"
Weight: 8LB

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Min. Diameter:  18"
Drum Material: Impact-Resistant Polyethylene
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