C42 Channelizer
3 Different channelizers with different sheeting types and a 16 pound, 20 pound and a 30 pound base.
7 types of channelizers with different types of sheeting and size
C42 Channelizer
42 inch tall traffic channelizer top view
C42 Channelizer
C42 Channelizer
Traffic channelizer sheeting types. Diamond grand and high intensity prismatic grade sheeting
3 Types of channelizer bases. 16 pound, 20 pound and a 30 pound base
Work Area Protection

C42 Channelizer

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These durable and highly visible channelizers have a tapered, fracture-resistant handle for added strength and easy pickup. The vertical sheeting surface has a five-tier, telescopic design, which promotes ease of stacking. Anti-rotation ribs at the bottom make for a stable, secure attachment to the base. A rugged, recycled rubber base provides stability and support with designed-in features to enhance skid resistance, stacking and handling. Made in the USA.


Height with handle:49"
Height without handle: 42"

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Top Diameter:4"
Bottom Diameter:6"
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